We are a local, family run small business based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast where health and wellness has always been a top priority for us! In 2015 I personally became extremely unwell with thyroid disease. This resulted in a huge mindset shift around food , movement and what I put on my body.

On new year’s day 2020, our beautiful little girl had a horrible accident at home where hot oil splashed all over her face. This resulted in surgery, a week-long stay in the children’s hospital as well as a very comprehensive skincare routine using petroleum and mineral oil products.

We always felt defeated applying petroleum to her young skin so our inner warrior got to work to make an effective and non-toxic facial oil for her delicate skin! This is where Cassiopeia, our organic facial oil, was born!

Today, we proudly do something that aligns with our health and spiritual values. We get to help individuals use effective skincare without damaging their endocrine system. Our products deliver targeted and effective results which are cruelty free and do not contain any animal derived ingredients.

Every time someone orders from Skin Muk we feel a great sense of pride that one less person is using toxic chemicals, animal products and unnecessary plastics, to us this is what we call winning at life.

NOTE – Plastic pump containers can be recycled at David Jones stores or returned to Skin Muk for speciality recycling.

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♥ Organic skin care

♥ Vegan

♥ Cruelty free

♥ Plant based ingredients

♥ No parabens, alcohol or artificial fragrance

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Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Ships Australia Wide

Family Eco Life - eco conscious living on the Sunshine Coast QLD

Founder: Serenity + Allan Meredith