Our focus is on promoting a sustainable and creative childhood, offering clothing, toys and craft supplies for your little human.

We’d really like to hit waste head on when it comes to raising a child, so we aim to stock items that are quality, made of natural materials and where possible keep things out of landfill. Which is why one of our biggest goals this year is to increase the range of preloved items we offer. We do all the searching so you (and the planet) can reap the benefits.

One of our newest offerings are Mud Kitchen accessories, we love being outside, not only because it is great for brain development but because it helps us and our children develop a greater connection to the environment.

But we didn’t just start with toys, I (Em) have been a sewist for over 15 years and have designed my own pieces for nearly as long. As my own children have grown and I faced various challenges finding the right sort of fits and fabrics, I decided to make my own.

Our clothing range is manufactured to allow independence, using only natural fabrics including hemp and recycled cotton. This range has been carefully thought out to only include minimal notions, so at the end of its life cycle it can go back into nature.

We’d love to have you with us on our sustainability journey as we all grow up together



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